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Developed by SpotMe


Survey the room with quick interactive polls. Each question is projected on the room’s main screen, shared with participants through the apps, and introduced by the speaker. Participants have a timeframe to register their votes, and the results are displayed at the speaker’s discretion, usually at the end of a countdown.


  • A Control Center for speakers, operators or moderators to control the question flow.
  • In-app notifications for super easy access to polls.
  • In-app results that are easily shared with the audience.
  • Ask single or multiple-choice questions with optional pictures
  • Ask users to rate ideas with a star rating
  • Compare opinions in before- and after- polls
  • Brainstorm ideas or capture the mood of the room with a word cloud


  • Polling can be used with up to 1,000 users simultaneously, regardless of the number of live sessions.

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