Watch: From in-person to virtual events

Going from in-person (or physical) to virtual events is now a necessity for companies wanting to keep their audiences engaged.

The reality of the COVID-19 outbreak and the likely medium-term impact on your audience’s and speaker’s travel capability means no physical events for the foreseeable future. Some scenarios point towards a September or November timeframe before travel restrictions are lifted sufficiently to allow in-person events.

Can your brand or company really wait 6-9-12 months before you start to host events again?

Assuming the answer for most is no, the question becomes, how and not if, you should go virtual.

Watch this webinar if:

  • You are unsure how to plan around COVID-19; or
  • You are unsure how to turn an in-person event into a virtual event; or
  • You would like to learn more about our new virtual event platform, SpotMe Anywhere.

You can watch the recording below, or from within our new virtual experience.

Update April 21st, 2020: It is clear that the term virtual event (and meeting) is somewhat of a reactive stance related to the COVID-19 crisis. A completely understandable reaction, as companies and teams try to find ways to engage their audiences in the crisis. However, we feel that companies, brands, and teams need to adopt a longer-term position on their engagement strategies, and hence we are focused on helping people deliver immersive digital experiences.

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