IHG: #1 in APAC with Deeper Collaboration


Business leadership forums are always heavy on content but light on time. Just getting a number of senior staff together is tough enough, but then you have to make sure that all the key messages and experiences will stick.

In the first quarter of 2014 InterContinental Hotel Group worked with SpotMe to deliver a more focused and memorable experience at their AMEA Leaders Meeting in Singapore and then at their Greater China Leaders Meeting. IHG is the world’s largest hotel company in the world with 687,000 rooms, serving over 150 million guests each year.

Content Clinics: Deep Stakeholder Collaboration

Focusing a business leaders forum starts well before the curtain goes up, with the meeting architecture. IHG’s Communications Team worked with SpotMe Singapore’s production team to run a series of Content Clinics. These Clinics:

  • challenged the speakers and moderators to think about what their audiences should be feeling and thinking throughout their sessions,
  • helped them achieve the right balance of information sharing and participant-generated content,
  • taught them how to integrate polls, tag clouds and surveys into their sessions and content,
  • and finally, analyzed the overall impact of their sessions.

This way the content owners could confidently run interactive and engaging sessions at their events.

Interactive Scorecards: Motivating Performance

To improve your corporate performance you have to both measure how you are doing and communicate those results in an efficient manner. At SpotMe we created a branded, interactive in-app review of the complex performance data for each hotel in the AMEA & Greater China region – some 452 hotels in total.

The general managers of individual IHG hotels could see their individual property scores in-app and dig deeper to see their performance specifics. Regional and Area Managers had even broader access, giving them a bird’s-eye view of their entire portfolio’s performance.

Armed with this information, every IHG leader at the events could immediately tell how they were measuring up and who they could learn from.

Achievement Game: The Perfect Participant Journey

The last thing is to ensure that your participants can make the most of their time. They must know what they can do, what you need them to do, how they are doing, who they should network with. This lets them orient themselves, but also motivates them to make the most of your event.

Our meeting architects worked with the IHG organizing team to identify the ideal participant journey for each participating leader and linked it to their personalized SpotMe apps. As each leader participated at the event, exchanged business cards, tracked their session attendance, completed surveys and participated in workshops, the Achievement Game kept a running tally of how their event was progressing and how much they had, well, achieved.

“IHG has been working with SpotMe for a number of years now, and the partnership has evolved along with our communications needs at these leadership events. The SpotMe team is committed to raising the bar each time from an engagement and interactivity perspective, and getting the team involved in the content preparation early on really helped us deliver a seamless experience – enhanced by the SpotMe app – for the 2014 AMEA Leaders’ Meeting.”– Jean Tan, Head of Communications, IHG Asia, Middle East & Africa

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