#1 Zoom Webinar Alternative for Virtual Events

Zoom webinar alternatives

Why is Zoom that popular? And, should you run your next virtual event with Zoom? Are there Zoom Webinar alternatives?

The massive growth of Zoom has caught some serious shade by privacy concerns. Security researchers weren’t mild in their judgment. They publicly called the tool a ‘privacy disaster’. Clients got worried. It fueled them to tell their workforce to refrain from using Zoom any longer. Thus it gave both Zoom and its daily users a serious headache.

Is Zoom Webinar for you?

There are two Zoom platforms. Zoom Meeting and Zoom Webinar. Let’s break them down to understand the differences.

Zoom Meeting

Zoom Meeting is the name of the popular video meeting tool. It works well for customer-facing meetings, sales meetings, and training sessions. Do you have a physical office overseas? Chances are Zoom facilitates your meetings with your overseas colleagues. The tool helps with collaboration. Mainly through features such as screen sharing, chat, and annotation. This led to widespread adoption by universities and governments alike. Zoom Meeting supports up to 100 participants on a free license. Depending on your plan, you can increase this to 1,000 for large group meetings.

Zoom Webinar

Zoom Webinar is a Zoom Meeting spin-off. It aims to facilitate virtual events of up to 10,000 attendees. Zoom Webinar has event features that include polling and Q&A. It has been used for town halls, quarterly updates, and lectures. Truly the one-to-many type of events. Zoom Webinar supports streaming to live platforms. Whether you’re on Facebook Live, YouTube Live, or any custom streaming service. Break-out sessions for smaller groups can be enabled by the event planners.

Without a doubt, Zoom Webinar has solid features. It works on all platforms and has a great mobile app version. But, if you’re like us and take security seriously, weigh the pros and cons. You might want to opt for safety. There are plenty of Zoom Webinar alternatives. Hence, it can be worth considering to avoid potential backfire later on.

G2 Score: 4.5 (‎84 reviews)

#1 Zoom Webinar Alternative for Virtual Events

In this review, we focus on User Experience, Features, and Security offered by SpotMe, the B2B event marketing platform with the tools & production to build amazing customer relationships.


SpotMe brings all your event needs under one roof. The virtual event platform is called SpotMe VX. It helps in creating high-quality virtual events. SpotMe gives you the choice of native streaming or third-party. It uses add-ons to integrate registration platforms. You truly have all the tools to create a live and on-demand experience. 

Zoom webinar alternatives

               SpotMe, virtual and hybrid event platform trusted by Fortune 500 and leading companies

SpotMe comes with webcasting, video breakouts, and personalized agendas. There’s a step-by-step wizard that lets you create a fully branded app. The whiteboard feature is great for collaboration sessions. All combined, it creates the feeling of an in-person event experience. 

SpotMe recently added templates. Templates are comparable to the well-known Themes in WordPress. They come with navigation, page layouts, sample designs, and content. You have your event app up and running in no time.

When it comes to security, SpotMe goes the extra mile. As a company, it’s SOCII type 2 certified. SpotMe applies security measures in the app as well. Users can go as far as to add a passcode to their event app. The passcode is only securely stored on the user’s device. A great contender as Zoom alternative.

G2 Score: 4.6 (100 reviews)

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