Swapcard Review: 2020 Virtual Event Tech Guide

Benefits of Virtual events for both hosts and attendees

Wondering which virtual event app to choose? We review the key choices to help you make a better decision. This time, welcome to our Swapcard review.


The verdict of our Swapcard review:

If you are looking for a quick and simple event app, Swapcard is a solid choice. It is great for in-person events needing a mobile device tool. Its interface and build are clean and easy to use. This makes it a better option for those just needing a supporting app for their live events.

Our review found the app to have very limited streaming and virtual abilities. Swapcard also can’t manage visibility and complex targeting. Lacking advanced features, widgets, or other tools, this app doesn’t let you modify the layout, look, or feel of the event very much.

What types of events is Swapcard suited to?

Based on our Swapcard review, we found it is best used as a simple mobile app solution for in-person smaller events/conferences. If you are looking to just save paper and make changes as needed, this is the tool for you. Swapcard is also good for events wanting a light virtual or live component with basic browser access. This is where it is strongest. The easy drag-and-drop build with quick data imports allows you to have a mobile app ready to launch faster than most other tools.

Screenshot of Swapcard mobile app for Swapcard review
Swapcard mobile app. Image by Swapcard.

Swapcard review of features

Event management capabilities

Our review found a nice selection of templates for emails, layouts, and generic messaging. Swapcard lacks any sign-up or registration modules. It does have a very well laid-out design that covers all the major basic data points you’d need. Overall, it doesn’t have the event management tools most other mobile event apps have.

Screenshot of Swapcard virtual event welcome screen
Swapcard session. Image by Swapcard.

Activation & engagement

During this review we found getting started with the app to be simple. Swapcard is missing a lot of the connecting and engagement tools you might want though. Swapcard offers basic polling, Q&A, and chats.

For a basic app supporting a live event, this Swapcard review found it to be adequate. As events are becoming more virtual, Swapcard’s tools may not meet what users and companies are coming to expect.

Networking & communities

We tested their 1:1 video and it is good. 1:1 video chats are growing in popularity. With virtual events, this is even more important. Past this 1:1 video interaction, this Swapcard review found that there is not a way to easily connect, create, or foster communities and teams.

For an in-person event, the 1:1 video calling adds great value, but without it being able to support breakouts and teams its use is limited for virtual events.

Live content

This Swapcard review of their live content found it to be its weakest area. Swapcard can stream content from Vimeo and Youtube. This is the limit of its ability, aside from the direct 1:1 video chat mentioned above.

If you need a tool that can directly host or connect with a variety of live streaming formats, you should look to other apps.

On-demand content

For on-demand content, we found it easy to include video and pdf documents. That is the limit of the content you can add. Our Swapcard review team had to add it during setup. There isn’t a simple way to share content in the event or on-the-fly.


The reporting is simple and graphically appealing, a plus for our Swapcard review. There is no clear custom reporting. If you need to adjust the data for export or sharing, you will need a premium account. This necessary aspect means Swapcard falls short of most other event apps (unless you pay).


Our Swapcard review tested them on several systems. Swapcard is best as a mobile app. The web app is a good approximation, but does not feel as well built. There are limited areas to include graphics, banners, or do any unique visuals.

For organizations with global users, the only language options at the time of review are English and French. This greatly limits its potential use and user base. Without multiple language support or the option to visually alter the space, this app is better suited for smaller events.


Swapcard’s support system is one of the better ones. Our Swapcard review liked how they linked to a knowledge base. Swapcard also has video guides and learning webinars. They also have a good Q&A, and support chat.

Easy for builders and stable, you probably won’t need support. But it is nice to know you have good options if anything did go wrong. This is critical during live events.

What do other Swapcard reviews tell us?

Overall, Swapcard receives a 4.5 out of 5 (9 reviews) from G2 in the lead retrieval software and mobile event app category.

Swapcard review of competitors

According to G2, here are the main Swapcard competitors (all scores from G2):

  • Whova (4.8 out of 5)
  • CrowdCompass (4.4 out of 5)
  • Attendify (4.7 out of 5)
  • Aventri (4.2 out of 5)
  • EventMobi (4.6 out of 5)

Disclaimer: This review is provided by SpotMe. While we are a marketing event management software vendor, our reviews aim to help buyers make better informed decisions by providing honest feedback about the product being reviewed. SpotMe’s reviews are not used to deliberately promote or disparage any software vendor’ products and to the best of our knowledge the information contained herein is recent, relevant and objective.

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