Virtual Lead Generation: A Marketing Team’s Guide To Generating Leads With Online Events in 2022

Virtual Lead Generation

Lead generation through events has long been valued for filling pipelines and generating qualified leads across many industries. You might create an event to court possible partners who are likely to attend, or you simply might be generating leads by increasing the popularity and visibility of your brand. But what about virtual lead generation?

As more and more organizations embrace virtual technology platforms to reach a wider audience of current customers, there is more opportunity for potential sales and marketing lead generation through virtual events that are hosted online or in a hybrid format.

Let’s cover some of the most popular lead generation strategies that virtual event hosting companies are using:

Promote Virtual Lead Generation By Removing Cost Barriers That Increase Audience Reach via Generous Pricing Models

Virtual events naturally remove many real-world barriers, such as

  • Event attendees no longer need to travel or make expensive hotel accommodations to participate in your event. 
  • Multilingual options can allow for simultaneous translations or subtitles, removing traditional language barriers while opening your event to a global audience.
  • Venue room capacity limits are no longer a consideration, with many virtual technology providers allowing for attendee upgrades, many in real-time.

Some organizers take this a step further to eliminate entrance or ticket fees, making their demand and lead generation conferences no charge to improve accessibility.

They may opt for price tiers that offer free or low-cost access for event participants. This could include options for attendees to pay for access a la carte, or for example to have different price tiers for live plus on-demand content, compared to a less expensive on-demand-only option.

Some organizers may choose to make an event free and then rely on persuasive storytelling to build relationships with leads that will lead to future sales. In some cases they may even ask for donations during a free event. 

It’s also important to consider your target audience’s current situation. Is your industry feeling a financial pinch? Is there a high unemployment factor within your attendee group?

Pricing models geared to your audience’s comfort can drive participation even during an economic downturn. Offering a multi-tiered plan is another simple yet effective method of increasing accessibility to the broadest possible attendee group while still targeting box office goals.

Increase Your Virtual Lead Generation By Bringing in Popular Talent and Speakers That Draw In Relevant Audiences

Online events allow you to choose influencers and speakers from around the world and create more demand

The right speaker can transform your event from mediocre to memorable. Traditionally, trade shows and other industry events were limited by geographic restrictions. Travel often played a deterring role for many potential speakers not in the immediate vicinity. 

By eliminating many physical barriers, virtual events crack open the list of potential speakers within reach. 

Selecting relevant industry leaders that align with your event and company goals will help you attract a vast number of potential leads through your online event while simultaneously helping you establish a lasting connection with industry experts. It’s a win-win. 

Look for speakers and presenters who will also generate leads by participating in your virtual event. You’ll increase the chances that they’ll accept your invitation to participate, especially because they can participate from the comfort of their own home or office. 

Online Events Give You More Data To Curate Better Content Thus Generating More Virtual Leads

Use Online Event Data to Produce Better Content to Capture Leads

One of the biggest advantages of online events is that they provide the potential to capture way more data than their in-person counterparts. From developing more detailed buyer personas or identifying new buyer personas altogether, you’re sure to increase your lead volume in both the short and long term from the data you collect at your next event.

Pay attention to what audiences are asking, how long it takes them to complete certain tasks, participation rates, and the particular types of presentations that are generating higher numbers of both attendance and engagement. This will allow you to identify the subject matter that most motivates your audience. It will also inform you where the demand for more or better content is.

And it isn’t just post-event data that can help. From attendee tracking, as participants move through your event, to polls, Q&A, and more, in-the-moment data collection can provide an excellent opportunity to make real-time event adjustments. 

Create experience-specific calls to action or accommodate attendee interests through schedule shifts for improved user experience with real-time data. For example, is a specific session running long with high-engagement? Got a follow-up event with few attendees? 

Adjust the event schedule to accommodate popular events with more time while reducing or eliminating low or no-show sessions. 

Through attendee, registration, experience and other relevant data points, the power of big data can help build the event you want.

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Virtual Lead Engagement To Enhance Lead Generation At Your Next Event

Online events provide an opportunity to begin nurturing leads earlier than that of in-person events with a higher rate of success. Through the strategic use of email, event apps, and even the virtual event platform itself you can start interacting with potential leads before the event. If you’re wondering how to generate leads at events, consider the following:

  • Sharing highly customized content with registrants via automated emails.
  • Using customizable features to ask questions or offer a product demo during registration.
  • Using real-time platform metrics to evaluate session success, make live adjustments, and create break-out or Q&A sessions to engage attendees further.

Increase Quality of Experience by Providing Personalized Content and Agenda for Pre-Determined Qualified Leads

Attendance engagement metrics from previous events can help you identify individuals or organizations you’d like to have as a customer.

You can further leverage data from previous events to provide exceptionally personalized content. That can come in many forms, such as appropriate name use when addressing emails or other communications.

Additionally, highlighting shared areas of business, concern, value, or targets mentioned in their user profile or questions raised in break-out Q&A sessions can have a lasting positive impact on professional relationship building.

Boost The Number of Leads By Continuing To Offer Recorded Content Sign-Ups Even After Your Virtual Event Dates

Congratulations, you’ve run a successful event! 

But wait, you’re not finished yet. 

Consider turning this year’s virtual event into gated content to tease out continued leads long after the event is over. By repurposing live event content into video-on-demand, you extend the life of content, including time-sensitive content. Don’t forget to add links to any upcoming virtual events along with click-to-contact/call tools directly in your repurposed content to maximize engagement and drive qualified leads for your next endeavor.

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