Forrester Tech Tide report reveals B2B marketers should invest in event management solutions

December 7, 2018

Sweeping, global digital transformation is giving rise to an unprecedented number of enterprise technologies promising to help businesses attract, serve, and retain customers. With such an abundance of competitive services, business leaders must be highly selective in how and where they dedicate their marketing budgets in order to get the greatest return on their investment (ROI).

In The Forrester Tech Tide™: B2B Marketing Technologies, Q4 2018, Forrester identified event management solutions as a high business-value investment.

Forrester’s surveys and analysis reveal that while marketers consistently earmark robust budgets for event production and sponsorship, most “neglect to make needed investments in the digital engagement and data analytic tools required to capture the concentrated interest and intent of buyers” at those gatherings. In SpotMe’s view, this points to an outdated understanding of the value and power of events to drive transformation and support long-term goals.

The guiding principle for SpotMe, which was recently named a leader in mobile event solution by G2 Crowd, is that every event should be transformative, supporting long-term goals and acting as an episode in a larger brand story. SpotMe helps connect events in a continuous narrative by driving perpetual engagement with customers, employees, and partners, facilitating the collection of valuable data, and sustaining channels of communication with participants at every event.

Today’s leaders know that to get true value from events, they must not be one-off initiatives. Leaders instead want to create experiences that power transformation: growing awareness, creating alignment, boosting commitments, driving advocacy, or all of those goals at once.

In a recent webinar, Make User-Generated Video A Strategic Asset, SpotMe and a guest speaker from Forrester shared how user-generated videos created at events will become a company’s most powerful tool for driving transformation and supporting long-term goals like increased awareness, stakeholder alignment, and customer advocacy.

SpotMe believes that Forrester’s analysis in the Tech Tide Q4 2018 report makes it clear that ongoing investment in event management solutions deserves serious consideration among B2B marketers, particularly those who believe in the power of telling an overarching and compelling brand story. Because with the right technology, every event can serve as a new chapter in that big-picture story—and get the business closer to its overarching goals.


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