7 Demand Generation Strategies [+ How to Use Webinars to Execute Them]

How to Use Webinars

Demand generation is a vital component of business success and can effectively bridge the gap between sales and marketing that is often found in today’s organizations. It not only attracts potential leads, but also pulls in those prone to grow into recurring customers and brand ambassadors. Thus creating a demand for a product or service.

But how do you successfully implement a demand generation framework? We’ve collected seven demand generation strategies that you can count on time and time again to get people excited about your brand and convert new leads. 

Strategy #1) Demand Generation Strategy 101 is Giving Your BEST Tools and Advice Away for FREE

When it comes to developing demand generation strategies, making a freemium product or giving away valuable advice is one of the best places to start. This is a significant difference between effective marketing and sales on the internet and “old school” hide-your-cards, hide-your-prices marketing. On the internet, if YOU don’t answer the questions, someone else will.

How to Incorporate This Demand Generation Strategy With Webinars

Use your webinar to show people how to do highly technical, sophisticated tasks. If, for example, your customers want to know how your successful business sets up event marketing paid ad campaigns for Facebook, take them under your wing and walk them through the process.

Showing them exactly what you’re doing, how much money you’re investing, how you determined that amount of money, how you chose audiences, etc., is one of the most effective tools for implementing a successful demand generation strategy.

Pro Tip for This Style of Demand Generation Strategy

You want a client’s business, and your webinar about how to do something valuable garnered you the lead. Showing them how detailed or how many variables they’ll need to consider to execute your advice successfully can be effective when it comes to driving home the sale. A (somewhat) overwhelming amount of information can nurture and drive leads to your service’s value and the amount of work it takes to be successful.

Strategy #2) Create Content That Informs

Content that has a single purpose, educating people on how they can tackle a problem they’re currently facing, attracts leads by reducing a key pain point and positions your brand as an authority and thought leader in the space.

With this particular demand generation strategy, consider free downloadable reports or whitepapers that dive into the problem and provide actionable, real-world takeaways that people can begin implementing right away.

Downloadable content not only increases brand visibility while providing your audience with relevant information that they can use to resolve future decisions, but it also allows you to gather email addresses and details from potential leads so you can keep in touch.

Pro Tip for Demand Generation Webinar Content

Offering a free report or infographic as a takeaway from your webinar gives people easy reference to the key pain points you addressed in your webinar. It helps them remember how your product or service can resolve their problems.

Strategy #3) Create a Free Tool to Help Your Audience Understand How You Can Solve Their Problem

Creating a free problem-solving tool as part of your demand generation strategy can show your audience why they need you. It can also help you deepen your understanding of your audience’s needs. By learning about what segment your audience is most interested in, you can better define how your tool addresses their pain points.

Pro Tip for Demand Generation Webinar Demos

Use a webinar to show users how to get the most out of your tool with an interactive walkthrough of key features or consider a live stream video tutorial for potential customers.

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Strategy #4) Create a More Simplified Lead Magnet to Reach a Goal Similar to Using a Free Tool

Not every organization can dedicate the time or resources to create a free tool. That’s when a lead magnet can be a great demand generation strategy.

Lead magnets don’t have to be complicated. They can take various forms, including a free checklist, quiz, e-book, or even access to paywalled or other exclusive content (think free trial memberships). Anything you offer that requires your audience to opt-in gives you invaluable information about who they are and what they’re looking for.

Leverage this information to better understand your audience. Greater understanding means an increased opportunity to tailor your solution to fit their evolving needs.

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How to Incorporate This Demand Generation Strategy with Webinars

Hold a webinar to discuss how people can best implement the information you provided in the lead magnet and leverage other audience engagement tools like Q&A, polls, among others to connect with them and gain more insights during the webinar.

Strategy #5) Increase Awareness That Your Brand Is a Solution to Their Problem

Now that your audience is aware they have a problem, it’s time to ensure they know that your product or service exists to provide the solution they need. The key here is getting them to trust your brand enough to give it a try. 

Pro Tip for Strengthening Brand for Demand Generation

Webinars are ideal for getting your product or service in front of an informed audience that’s already aware of your brand. Doing so increases the probability of webinar attendees remembering your product when it’s time to make a decision and purchase. 

Strategy #6) Create a Social Media Strategy to Increase Brand Awareness Among Your Ideal Audience

A comprehensive social media strategy allows you to establish trust while increasing overall brand exposure on a regular basis. Creating relationships with your social media audience not only improves brand awareness, but it also generates increased demand for your product or service.

How to Use Customer Perspectives in Demand Generation Webinars

Consider implementing user-generated content to tell happy customers’ stories, or invite existing customers to share their experience or testimonial during a webinar. This allows your online audience members who are not existing customers to visualize themselves using your product or service and begin trusting your brand — something they may remember when it’s time to purchase the right solution.

Strategy #7) Invest in Your Blog as Your Main Demand Generation Channel

Yes, it’s true. By creating blog posts with informative, actionable content, you position your brand as a problem-solving authority and ensure you are there when someone hits that search bar (you found us, didn’t you?). 

Writing guest posts for posting on other blogs within your industry can also help spread the word about your product or service while generating excitement.

Pro Tip for Demand Generation Blogs and Webinars

Consider partnering with brands or industry influencers to host a webinar and then write blog posts about it from both you and whoever you partner with. You’ll optimize two powerful demand generation tools for maximum engagement and audience growth.

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