How to Host Virtual Events with SpotMe

SpotMe live stream virtual event

Virtual events, and hosting them are here for the foreseeable future.

Nobody knows exactly how the COVID-19 crisis will play out, but it does seem that experts 1,2,3 all agree that “normality” is unlikely before a vaccine becomes available (sometime in 2021). And any new normal is unlikely to include hosting large in-person events for the foreseeable future4.

But are you finding it hard to adapt to this new virtual reality? Well, you are not alone.

We surveyed people involved in event and meeting planning, and asked them: If you had a 350 person event happening next week, what would prevent you from going virtual?

Nearly 45% of respondents said they would not know where to start, and 40% were concerned that their audience would not be in the right frame of mind.


45% of event and meeting planners do not know where to start with hosting a virtual event


Do not fear. Hosting virtual events with SpotMe is easy. 

Some of the things we have done to make hosting virtual events easier and more successful for event and meeting planners:

  1. We created a virtual event template – this template is packed full of all the best practices and is basically a virtual event that just needs your branding.
  2. We made it easier to brand your virtual event – customize the icons, navigation bar, and the registration page. Apply your brand’s colors and add an event banner to the app menu.
  3. We included virtual event registration – now you can register your virtual audience directly from within SpotMe (and yes it can be branded and customized).
  4. We improved the participant experience – in the first round of many experience upgrades, we improved the user experience – see for yourself.
  5. We made it easier to choose the right live streaming solution – now it is even easier to embed your own live streaming solution or even use ours, as part of our full virtual event package.
SpotMe live stream virtual event


Here is everything you need to host virtual events with SpotMe (plus if you need a helping hand, our professional services team is here to help).

If you are:

Still not sure where to start? Chat with us on this page or speak to our team of experts.


Update April 21st, 2020: It is clear that the term virtual event (and meeting) is somewhat of a reactive stance related to the COVID-19 crisis. A completely understandable reaction, as companies and teams try to find ways to engage their audiences in the crisis. However, we feel that companies, brands, and teams need to adopt a longer-term position on their engagement strategies, and hence we are focused on helping people deliver immersive digital experiences.



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