THIS Is What the Best Demand Generation Managers Are Doing in 2021 to Drive Growth

Wait, a what? If you’re wondering what this dynamic and vital professional means to your marketing team, especially in 2021, then you’ve come to the right article. Let’s break down what a demand generation manager is, what they do, and the requirements they need to get the job done.

What is a Demand Generation Manager / Director of Demand Generation?

While demand generation managers and directors of demand generation have various responsibilities, the job boils down to doing whatever is necessary to build brand awareness, promote current and new products and services, expand into new markets, and create excitement while developing customer loyalty. 

demand generation manager job description

To Get a Better Understanding of What a Demand Generation Manager Might Do, Let’s Look at Some Job Description Examples From the Web

Want to know what companies are looking for when they post a demand generation manager job opportunity? Let’s start by taking a look at a few recent job openings.

Demand Generation Manager Job Description #1

Demand Generation Manager at Codefresh

Codefresh is looking for a Demand Generation Manager to help drive lead and pipeline generation. This will include working with paid search, display, and other paid media along with ABM campaigns. This role will work closely with the Marketing Operations Manager to effectively generate the right leads and support their buying journey.

This role is in the unique position of driving demand from a technical audience (DevOps managers, CTOs, and CIOs) who are modernizing their application delivery on Cloud-native technologies. Industry knowledge is a big bonus.


  • Take ownership of pipeline creation and meeting monthly and quarterly MQL, meeting, and pipeline targets
  • Manage spends and campaigns across Google Adwords, Display, Paid Social etc.
  • Work with Field marketing to promote and leverage events, webinars, etc.
  • Work with Evangelism and product marketing to generate and leverage existing content
  • Build, execute, and optimize demand gen campaigns


  • 5+ years of demand gen experience
  • Experience with AdWords
  • Previous ABM experience
  • Experience marketing to a technical audience
  • Familiarity with cloud-native technologies
  • Data and results-driven mindset

Demand Generation Manager Job Description #2

Demand Generation Manager at Benefitfocus Inc.

Benefitfocus is searching for a Demand Generation Manager to join their Charleston, SC-based marketing team. The role will support the Employer and Health Plan business units, responsible for demand generation programs and tactics.

The ideal candidate is an expert in B2B tech marketing, has experience working with and managing outside agencies, and is an analytical yet creative hands-on marketer with a passion for demand generation.

They are highly collaborative and have a strong track record of planning, building and managing large-scale campaigns. They’re excited by the challenge of working cross-functionally at a fast-paced, hyper-growth company. This is a high-visibility, high-impact role where they will partner closely with other marketing and sales teams to drive awareness, demand, pipeline and bookings.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Quickly achieve high-level knowledge of the Benefitfocus Employer and Health Total Solutions and deep understanding of our positioning statements, buyer personas, and business needs.
  • Increase lead generation and qualification through a strategic and prescriptive demand generation strategy by segment and persona. This includes inbound lead acquisition and outbound account-based marketing strategy.
  • Strategize and execute email campaigns, engagement and nurturing, advertising, webinars, sales enablement, direct mail, trade shows, social media, and more.
  • Work closely with Marketing Ops & Sales Ops to provide reporting and actively monitor and analyze the health of marketing contribution to the sales pipeline & conversion, program ROI, and customer acquisition and penetration, contact acquisition and activity.
  • Ownership of monthly health plan marketing metrics and goals, reporting on number of budgets vs. actual MQL, conversions, conversion points, and more
  • Utilize Marketo platform, own and execute demand generation activities included, but not limited to, engagement campaigns (lead nurturing), prospect intelligence, lead scoring, digital content strategy (gated content offers), and more.
  • Works closely with the Sales leadership on strategy, sales plays, and campaigns.
  • Assist in maintaining sales and marketing data integrity.

Experience and Skills

  • BS/BA required
  • Deep understanding of SaaS B2B and B2B2C marketing
  • 5+ years of demand generation experience
  • Strong interpersonal skills, a high degree of initiative, with the ability to work in and across teams.
  • Exceptional ability to write and produce engaging content, able to write quickly and concisely for non-technical audiences, writing samples required
  • Experience with Salesforce, Marketo, Bizable, Sendoso, and Uberflip

Demand Generation Manager Job Description #3

Demand Generation Manager at Qualbe Marketing

Qualbe Marketing Group is a digital marketing company that focuses on customer acquisition, creativity, and high-quality employees.

Qualbe is looking for an experienced digital expert and analyst who can drive qualified traffic to dental brand sites to grow revenue. Efforts will be focused on PPC and Social Advertising and the daily analysis and optimization of both. Testing new paid channels and feedback on Landing Page optimization will help maximize the effectiveness of the paid strategy.

The position will also help with SEO projects and ideas to drive organic traffic with other team members.


  • Develop, execute, and optimize demand generation and paid advertising efforts aligned with business goals, namely PPC and Social Advertising (7-figure budget).
  • Oversee ad copy creation, testing, web analytics, retargeting initiatives and new channel testing to optimize campaigns to hit company performance goals.
  • Develop a deep understanding of customers, products, and the buyer’s journey.
  • Plan advertising and customer acquisition strategies with Marketing Director and CEO.
  • Assist with landing page optimization, lead gen and follow-up, and SEO projects.
  • Work closely with internal team members, outside vendors and creatives to implement new ideas, creative rotation and monitor campaign budget.
  • Measure, analyze, and report campaign performance to upper management.


  • Analytical mindset and critical thinking skills that demonstrate valuable business insights.
  • Proven experience and success in traffic generation and ad operations (often takes 5+ years of digital experience).
  • Expert in Google, Bing, and Facebook Advertising Suites, Google Analytics and Excel (pivot tables, V lookups, etc.), with knowledge of other digital software.
  • Attention to detail and executional follow through within a fast-paced environment.
  • Precise organizational skills and ability to project manage multiple objectives at once.

The Benefits of Bringing on a Demand Generation Manager

Demand generation helps you reach potential customers at various stages of their buyer journey and provides solutions to existing customer problems at each stage.

Additionally, demand generation managers improve SEO results and bolster omnichannel marketing by implementing a unified strategy across all channels, not just Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

They get your brand in front of your ideal audience in a way that resonates. They also support ongoing testing and optimizations to pinpoint the precise tactics that work — and eliminate those that don’t.

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how demand generation drives growth

What the Best Demand Generation Managers Are Doing to Drive Growth in 2021

Regardless of your industry, these managers have a fundamental framework: to create demand, attract customers, make them happy, and keep them coming back for more. 

Develop Buyer Personas and Customized Content Tailored to Them

Buyer personas are more than just an exercise in creativity. They are (fictional) ideal customer profiles. 

They’re the characters of your selling story, anchored in the data you’ve pulled from recent successes. 

When demand generation managers create and use these personas, they can target your ads more specifically for greater success, create personalized content, and fine-tune messaging to address customer needs, while converting leads into returning customers.

When creating the ideal personas, it’s important to ask some relevant questions, including:

  • What is your persona’s name?
  • Do they have a job? What is their title?
  • Are they new to this job? Or are they experienced? If so, how long have they worked in this field?
  • What is your persona’s age?
  • What city/state do they live in? Do they rent or own their home?
  • What’s their education? Do they have a degree? Advanced degrees? What subjects?
  • What are your persona’s goals? What is important to them?
  • What challenges does your persona face daily? Weekly?
  • Why would they buy or use your product or service?
  • How does your product or service help them meet their challenges?

Create a Funnel That Nurtures a Lead Into a Sale and Understands What Motivates a Lead From Top to Bottom

When creating a sales funnel, it’s essential to create multiple touch points along the way. This helps maintain customer contact and provide the necessary and ongoing value that will lead to the eventual conversion.

A demand generation manager also understands how important it is that the sales funnel identifies what motivates customers and how they think, whether they’re at the top or the bottom of the funnel, or somewhere in between.

Demand Generation Managers Develop Strategies to Score or Qualify Leads

Sales teams resent contacting and combing through bad leads. A demand generation manager can help eliminate the need for this. 

By setting up a way to not only generate leads but to also score and organize those leads based on their value and the likelihood of their converting into a valuable customer, demand generation managers can ensure they’re handing over the best possible, qualified lead to the sales team.

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Implementing the Best Optimization Practices Based on Important Business Metrics

When you look into measurement and optimization, you’ll really begin to see the value of a demand generation manager. By digging into data analytics, they can uncover strengths and weaknesses to implement the most effective strategies.

Some key metrics demand generation managers typically pay attention to can include the following:

  • Closing percentages
  • Cost per lead
  • Cost per acquisition
  • Average deal size
  • The length of time it took to move from lead to sale

Set Your Demand Generation Manager Up With the Right Virtual Event Platform to Generate and Nurture Leads.

Your demand generation manager is only as effective as the tools they have at their disposal. That’s why partnering with the right virtual event platform is vital to successfully generating and nurturing leads online. 

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