2021 6Connex Review: A Virtual Event Software Review

Best 6Connex Alternatives

If you’re considering 6Connex as your next virtual technology platform, we can help. Find out more about 6Connex’s platform, what we think of it, and what others say about it. We even share ratings for the top 6connex competitors. 

What is 6Connex?

6Connex is a leading virtual event solutions provider for human resources, sales, and marketing teams worldwide. They’re also the first HTML5 virtual event platform.

HTML5 is awesome because it delivers just about anything you want to do online. It doesn’t require any additional software, like browser plugins.

6Connex uses HTML5 technology to build on a secure, cloud-based platform to help event organizers expand audience reach and drive engagement.  

They offer webinars, virtual environments, and learning management solutions. Because they’re cloud-based, you don’t need to download software. You can work directly from your browser. 

Their imaging can be a little lackluster in places and they are sometimes not as virtually advanced as other platforms.

6Connex’s most popular features include custom branding, virtual booths, gamification, real-time reporting and analytics, attendee registration, live chat, and live stream.

The Verdict of our 6Connex Review 

6Connex gets a thumbs up from us.

Because they built the platform with HTML5, it delivers a smooth mobile experience. 

We like its accessibility. Attendees can participate from anywhere with any device that supports a browser. Their virtual technology platform also supports multiple languages and global time zones.

6Connex allows organizers to scale events to accommodate thousands of participants easily.

Cloud-based 6Connex gives users an almost unlimited platform capacity for virtual events. They couple their HTML5 technology with enterprise-grade security ensuring the safety of everyone using their platform.

Engagement is strong with 6Connex. Users can create customizable virtual booths and participate in real-time chat with attendees. They also allow event organizers to upload marketing and sales collateral.

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What Types of Events is 6Connex For?

6Connex is a good choice for organizations and events of all sizes, from a few attendees to a few thousand attendees.

Sales, marketing, and HR — including recruitment and training —  verticals will find 6Connex a particularly good fit. 

They are suitable for various events, including webinars, trade shows, conferences, e-learning events, job and benefits fairs. 

While users from a variety of areas can benefit from 6Connex, they offer two areas of specialization, in addition to general events:

  • Marketing and Sales: trade shows, summits, war rooms, and conferences
  • Human Resources: continuing education, new hire onboarding, job, recruitment, and benefits fairs 
  • General Events: conferences, town halls, and shareholder updates

6Connex Features Review


6Connex centers around a single fundamental philosophy — an event is only as successful as the platform supporting it.  

In other words, you need the right platform for your event if you want to host a hit.

6Connex delivers innovative and engaging program designs that enhance user experiences, drive engagement, and increase event ROI. 

Top 6Connex features include:

  • Mobile and Cross-Platform Friendly
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Social Networking
  • Unlimited Content
  • Gamification
  • Scalability

We look at these features in more detail below.

Mobile and Cross-Platform Friendly

6Connex’s HTML5-built technology allows attendees to access your virtual event through any internet-enabled device that supports a web browser. 

6Connex offers a wide variety of innovative features explicitly created to entice and engage audiences no matter where they are in the world. 

HTML5 means 6Connex is exceptionally configurable, flexible, and mobile-ready for both iOS and Android. You can connect with attendees on any device, any platform, any location.

Because they are cloud-based, you’ll never need to download software or plug-ins to use 6connex. 

If you have a web browser, you already have everything you need to use 6Connex. And it doesn’t matter which browser you use. 6Connex works with all major browsers, e.g., Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE.

Enterprise-Level security

6Connex delivers robust security with features that include complex passwords, secure cookie handling, domain black and whitelisting, and email black and whitelisting.

You can secure events with password-required access. You don’t need to worry about unauthorized access to your materials. All content is secure via HTTPS.

6Connex’s software also offers the opportunity for a custom SAML integration and single sign-on.

Social Networking

6Connex makes it easy to engage with attendees directly through an assortment of social networking and connection options. 

Every room with 6Connex can take advantage of multiple chat options. Participate in personal one-to-one conversations, public and moderated chat, or facilitate both open and guided dialogue.

6Connex is Google-Translate-enabled, and users can share content through a variety of social platforms, including Facebook and Twitter. Attendees can register through LinkedIn for added ease of use.

Unlimited Content

6Connex lets you populate every room and space with unlimited content. 

They support document uploads in Word, Google Docs, PDFs, among others. You can embed or upload Youtube or Vimeo videos, and you can also include links to additional web pages through a new browser tab or iFrame. 


6Connex’s gamification makes it easy to motivate and engage attendees within the environment through their Leaderboard. 

Users can promote engagement by using 6Connex’s gamification features, such as meeting with event staff and peers, visit booths, access content, and peers. 

Users can also opt to assign point values to individual actions or content items and then offer prizes or other incentives for the winner with the most activity.


6Connex allows you to invite a few individuals or a few thousand for any event. 

Because 6Connex is cloud-hosted, they can offer virtually unlimited scalability, including live events with thousands of concurrent attendees. 

6Connex also allows for unlimited on-demand attendees.

Overall 6Connex Platform Experience Review

Although some images are static when you’d really like them to be variable for a better quality virtual experience, 6Connex offers ease-of-use and accessibility that’s hard to beat. It’s great for a variety of virtual events without the need to download additional software. Being able to work directly from your browser is a big plus for convenience. It works well and it’s easy to use.

But for information on 6connex pricing, you’ll have to contact them directly and get a custom quote.

Check Out Our 6Connex Review Video

We took a look at some of the main features in their Youtube 6Connex review. This 17-minute video gives you a first-hand look into what they can offer for your next virtual event. 

If you’re pressed for time, check out these key time stamps for the best bits:

  • 1:56 Demo Platform/Room View 
  • 2:40 Platform Settings navigation
  • 3:06 Auditorium/Room View
  • 3:48 Video Setup Features
  • 5:18 Social Networking 
  • 635 Webinar Only Screen
  • 7:57 Exhibit Hall/ Room View
  • 9:40 Dedicated Chat Room Interface
  • 10:58 Survey Screen

What other online reviews are saying about 6Connex

While there aren’t a lot of 6connex reviews, the ones out there are favorable:

What People Like About 6Connex

Online reviews are mostly positive for 6Connex, with users reporting appreciation for its reliable infrastructure and ability to host large-scale events. Other users report finding it “intuitive” and “effective.” 

What People Dislike About 6Connex

As for things users dislike, comments addressed minor issues like suggestions for a larger chat screen or a video chat option. 

We couldn’t find any outright complaints about 6Connex.
6Connex Alternatives and Competitors

6Connex alternatives can vary in the services and features they provide, and deciding which one is best suited to your event can be challenging. We want to help. Let’s take a look at the 10 best 6Connex alternatives and competitors.

#1) SpotMe 

SpotMe is an all-inclusive virtual technology platform that delivers unmatched innovative engagement strategies. 

Key SpotMe features include gamification, breakout sessions, custom agendas, and a home-feed comparable to LinkedIn’s. Customizable templates allow for branded, immersive events. 

Event organizers can choose the best-suited immersive tools for audience engagement. Popular tools such as team or individual challenges and quizzes, including AR quizzes, can be a fun way for attendees to collect points. Points can then be exchanged for badges, prizes, or certificates.

SpotMe’s humanized chatbots offer tailor-made conversations to welcome event attendees, encourage feedback, and give answers. 

And the SpotMe “Studio” makes organizing multiple speakers from different locations easier than ever.

SpotMe can handle events with up to 2,500 participants and offers many options not available with 6Connex, including a free trial, custom branding, and extensive 24/7 live customer support. They are also iOS, Android, and mobile-friendly. 

G2 Score: 4.6 (104 reviews)

#2) Cvent

Cvent is an event marketing and management technology provider offering solutions for businesses of any size. 

Cvent employs a user-friendly interface to offer powerful features that include event registration, venue selection, email marketing, surveys and polls, strategic integrations, reporting analytics, 24/7 customer service, and a conference event app.

Customers and attendees can also use mobile-friendly Cvent with iOS and Android.

For more information about Cvent, check out our 2020 Cvent Review: A Virtual Event Software Review.

G2 Score: 4.2 (1,286 reviews)

#3) Whova

Whova allows event organizers to build an event app quickly for maximum impact. 

Event attendees can begin using the custom-built app at launch to network and plan their schedule around specific sessions and panels.

Key Whova features include a mobile agenda, live stream, video-on-demand, attendee bios, chats, and meetings. They offer webcasting integrations, cross-device functionality, and advanced reporting options for tracking event attendance, engagement, feedback, and more.

G2 Score: 4.8 (689 reviews)

#4) Influitive

Influitive is a virtual event technology platform focused on engaging customers and converting them into advocates for your brand. 

The platform allows event organizers to create an engaged community through targeted content, social media, product reviews, engagement, and rewards. 

Gamification encourages attendees to earn points that they can redeem for various perks. 

Influitive offers preset integrations with most CRMs and marketing automation platforms.  

G2 Score: 4.4 (284 reviews)

#5) Remo Conference

Remo Conference is an all-in-one conference platform that allows event organizers to create virtual events directly from their Google Chrome browser. 

They offer face-to-face online networking that helps to encourage engaged conversations and more meaningful relationships.  

Key Remo Conference features include live Q&A sessions, event marketing through email or social media, and online agendas. Its in-app chat feature also lets event attendees ask questions that presenters can respond to in real-time.

G2 Score: 4.4 (186 reviews)

#6) Bizzabo

Bizzabo is a full-service virtual event technology platform for in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. 

Cloud-based Bizzabo offers key features that include mobile check-in, an event website, session scheduling, custom content, agendas, and event schedules. 

The platform offers event organizers advanced reporting, analytics, and multiple social media and software integrations. 

Bizzabo also has 24/7 customer support via email and telephone, as well as on-demand how-to videos for commonly asked questions.

G2 Score: 4.6 (132 reviews)

#7) Attendify

Attendify helps event organizers create engaging virtual events with built-in features such as content management, social networking tools, real-time data analytics, push notifications, and live streaming. 

Their drag-and-drop interface helps users include only the sections they need, allowing them to create an optimized custom-branded event app. 

App preview is available from your web browser and takes less than a week to go from creation to launch. Attendify also allows you to make app changes once your app has gone live.

Attendify supports live, virtual, and hybrid events.  

G2 Score: 4.7 (161 reviews)

#8) Hopin

Hopin is a virtual technology software platform offering a virtual venue for a variety of events. 

An all-inclusive program, Hopin offers key features that include speaker bios, event schedules, receptions, live streaming, hyperlinked logos of sponsors, and easy-to-use analytics. 

Event attendees can network one-on-one using live video, exchange virtual business cards, and participate in breakout sessions, groups, chat and more. 

Hopin is also highly-scalable and mobile-friendly.

To learn more about Hopin, check out our Hopin Review: 2020 Virtual Event Tech Guide.

G2 Score: 4.7 (106 reviews)

#9) Event Mobi

EventMobi is an end-to-end virtual event platform that allows organizers to promote, monetize, and manage their events. 

Key EventMobi features include an event website, registration, event app, and live stream and video-on-demand. 

With live displays, gamification and leaderboards, EventMobi’s attendee engagement tools offer organizers numerous ways to connect and share information. 

And their appointment booking tool allows attendees to schedule events such as group discussions or private 1:1 chats with other attendees, sponsors, or exhibitors. 

EventMobi delivers in-person, virtual, and hybrid events. 

G2 Score: 4.6 (156 reviews)

#10) BigMarker

BigMarker is an all-in-one virtual event technology platform. The platform is fully customizable and combines video technology, marketing, and interactive experiences to create custom-branded events. 

Event attendees can participate in live chats, polls, and surveys. They can even raise a virtual hand during live events.

BigMarker’s key features include landing pages, promotion, live and on-demand webinars, and integrations with most CRMs and marketing tools such as HubSpot, Infusionsoft, Zoho, Paypal, and Zapier.

G2 Score: 4.6 (1463 reviews)

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