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Global pharma company transforms omnichannel webinar engagement with SpotMe Life Sciences

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Effective communication and engagement with healthcare professionals (HCPs) are pivotal in the pharmaceutical industry. Companies frequently utilize webinars to educate and engage with HCPs across various markets and therapeutic areas. However, managing these webinars efficiently has been a significant challenge due to using disparate tools and a high dependency on third-party agencies.

A leading pharmaceutical company approached SpotMe Life Sciences to provide their HCPs with a solution to help them produce exceptional HCP webinars with a compliant solution fully integrated into their CRM.


The company was grappling with several issues with webinar management:

  • Fragmented Tools: Various tools like ON24 and Zoom were used across markets, leading to inconsistent data and processes.
  • Low Engagement: The attendance rate for webinars was only 35%, indicating poor HCP engagement.
  • Decentralized Data: Data collected from various tools was not actionable and could not be integrated with customer relationship management (CRM) systems.
  • Dependence on Third-Party Agencies: Approximately 75% of webinars were delivered through third parties, complicating the standardization of processes and performance measurement.
"Before SpotMe, we used other platforms, which were either not customizable or required us to send them materials every time in order to create the right experience for our participants. This created a significant bottleneck as we have strict style guidelines and lots of back and forth with our past platform provider."

Associate Director - Digital & Omnichannel Engagement in
top 20 pharmaceutical company


SpotMe Life Sciences addressed these challenges by implementing its Omnichannel Webinar Solution, designed to streamline operations and enhance engagement. Key components of the solution included:

  • Unified Platform: SpotMe provided a single, integrated, platform for all webinar activities, ensuring consistency across tools and processes.
  • CRM Integration: The platform deeply integrates with Veeva, allowing for real-time syncing of engagement and attendance data.
  • Standardized Practices: SpotMe established standardized workflows for pre-event engagement, live interactivity, and post-event follow-up, including optimized templates and email cadences.
"SpotMe has allowed us to bring this process in-house, and we now have complete control over the layout, style, content and much more. We have seen increased demand for our webinars since moving to SpotMe, and our audience feedback is always very positive. Consequently, our portfolio of virtual events has grown to match this demand, significantly benefitting our business and stakeholders."

Associate Director - Digital & Omnichannel Engagement in
top 20 pharmaceutical company


The integration of SpotMe’s solution transformed the way the client managed webinars:

  • Deep Integration with CRM: By integrating the webinar data with CRM systems, the company could now leverage insights from webinars for better follow-up and engagement strategies.
  • Certification of Third-Party Agencies: Local third-party agencies were onboarded and certified on the new platform, ensuring that all external partners adhered to the standardized practices.
  • Centralized Licensing: The license for the SpotMe solution was procured centrally, reducing costs for local markets and supporting global deployment and adoption.
"From a production perspective, the custom features and functions included in SpotMe are extensive and allow us to finetune our content across all our different events. Everything can be linked across the platform, dramatically improving the audience experience over other platforms we have used."

Associate Director - Digital & Omnichannel Engagement in
top 20 pharmaceutical company


The adoption of SpotMe's Omnichannel Webinar Solution led to impressive outcomes:

  • Improved Attendance Rates: The conversion rate from registrants to attendees increased dramatically from 35% to 68%.
  • Consistent Performance Across Markets: The solution provided a consistent view and performance metrics across all markets and therapeutic areas.
  • Reduced Event Production Costs: With a 66% self-service rate for webinars, the company saw a significant reduction in event production costs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Overall spending on event technology was reduced by 55%, demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of the SpotMe platform.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Standardized KPIs and performance objectives enabled the company to set clear targets for engagement, aiming to engage with 50% of the addressable population annually.


SpotMe’s Omnichannel Webinar Solution has enabled pharmaceutical companies to overcome the challenges of fragmented tools and low engagement in their webinar programs. By providing a unified, CRM-integrated platform with standardized practices, SpotMe has not only enhanced HCP engagement but also achieved significant cost savings and operational efficiencies. This case study exemplifies how digital solutions can transform educational outreach and engagement in the pharmaceutical sector.


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