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Learn how to use create your first SpotMe app


Select this template to get a guided tour of Backstage by exploring each step required to create a workspace.

During the tour you will create an app for a workshop you and your colleagues are attending and learn how to:

  • Brand your workspace (app).
  • Add sessions and speakers (like a keynote session and a CEO as speaker).
  • Create feedback forms (to help improve your event).
  • Upload PDF files.
  • Promote content and share updates on the feed.
  • Send notifications (to remind people to attend a session).
  • Share the workspace (app) with your colleagues (to use at your workshop).
  • Work with others (so you don’t have to do all the work yourself in Backstage).
  • Preview your work on your phone.

You can follow these steps in an on-screen checklist which will also give you additional instructions for each step, together with more in-depth articles on our knowledge base. 

Do not forget to share the screenshot of your first workspace on LinkedIn with #MyFirstSpotMeApp!

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