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How leading brands harness event technology

In our hybrid and digital era, the way B2B companies harness technology is vital to client experience. Using real-life examples from leading companies, this webinar will explore the rise of event technology and how to harness this trend to digitalise and improve your client experience.

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This event is a must-attend for senior marketers, event owners, and business development professionals looking to build relationships with clients through a digital events strategy.

How leading B2B companies deliver events is changing at a rapid pace. In this new era of emergent and hybrid experiences, one thing is for sure: how we harness technology will be central to the client experience.

Our speakers



Dave Yates

Global Product Owner



Pierre Metrailler




Andrew Ward

Head of Digital Enablement



Alice Thoonsen

Head of Sales, EU

We look at how events technology has evolved over the last decade, answering questions like:

  • What trends are we currently observing in the event industry?
  • How do they reflect on the way leading brands use event technologies?
  • What key digital capabilities are they considering to 'future-proof' their event strategy?
  • How event technologies are used to create a consistent client experience while collecting actionable data?
  • What KPIs do they track to effectively measure participant engagement and better estimate the ROI of their events?

Learn about real-life examples of the tactics used by large, trusted brands to engage their audience using technology.

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