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With DoubleDutch being shut down, many event technologists are turning to SpotMe for a pure-play, innovative app platform that can operate at scale and deliver top-notch services.

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Easily do more
Easily do more

Delight your audience with a personalized experience

By originally choosing DoubleDutch, you made a conscious decision to make participant engagement a priority. Keep the high-grade consumer UX that you and your participants were used to with DoubleDutch, and now you can go even further and throw hyper-personalization into the mix. Anything but SpotMe is a downgrade at this point.

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Managed services
Managed services

Peace of mind and flexibility

One thing you can be sure will be better with SpotMe is our support services.

Clients who switch from DoubleDutch to SpotMe have told us that the switch for their participants was seamless. In fact, they tell us that the audience experience when switching to SpotMe was like for like.

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Have your stack just the way you like it

It’s 2020, people! There are many great marketing tools people use, and events are just a piece of the overall picture. SpotMe makes it easy to integrate your tech stack, from event registration to marketing automation to your CRM system. You can choose to integrate with Cvent or switch to alternatives such as Aventri, Eventcore, Splash or others.

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