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Built for engagement, designed for enterprise.

The SpotMe Cloud is the heart of the SpotMe Enterprise Engagement Platform. With its multi-tenant architecture, all customers are accessing the same core platform; each customer can then augment every single workspace with additional application modules that can be deployed on-the-fly. With more than 270 application modules, the core platform offers an unmatched breadth of functionalities.

Customers can extend existing modules or innovate with new ones; the SpotMe Enterprise Engagement Platform offers a comprehensive development application programming interface (API), complete with data models, metadata definition, backend business logic, UI components and client-side controllers.

Data storage is segregated for each customer, distributed across several regions and can scale fast.

Enterprise Deployment

Mobile Device Management/Mobile Application Management (MDM/MAM)

  • Enable containerization, encryption, remote wipe, and data leak prevention
  • Publish directly to enterprise storefronts, support remote app push
  • Only event app provider certified by both MobileIron and Citrix Works
MDM / MAM Vendors

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Reduce inevitable password fatigue
  • Easy integration with other enterprise systems and provides a single source of truth (SSOT) for authentication
  • SpotMe offers flexible login screen configurations, including flexible hybrid settings
  • Supported protocols: SAML 2.0 and OAuth 2.0
SSO Vendors

Integrated Trust Concept

End-to-end information security and data privacy design that covers the entire business lifecycle

The SpotMe Cloud offers a variety of authentication workflows, including email login, email & password login, public registration, public login, SSO and third-party login. You can add an additional layer of security by enabling PIN code and biometric session authentication.

GDPR Data Privacy Data owned by customers with key constrols in place Mobile App Management Certified integration partner with major MAM vendors Data Disposal Remote data wipe options; certified data deletion Data Hosting Location Hosting available for every major jurisdiction; client choice of location In-app Security At-rest data encryption; PIN code and biometric authentication

Technological & Organizational Measurements

  • Organization & management
    Dedicated cloud operations team

  • System operations & monitoring
    Comprehensive system operations and monitoring

  • Risk management
    Independent 3rd party security audits & penetration testing

  • Security training
    Annual security awareness training for SpotMe staff

  • Availability
    Business continuity & disaster recovery plans tested every month

Privacy and certifications

On-Premises Server

The power of the SpotMe Cloud can be extended to your on-site operations. By optionally adding On-Premises Server to your event, you will be suppressing the dependency on a strong internet backhaul. Thousands of SpotMe Apps will be connecting to your On-Premises Server that is located inside the event venue, instead of connecting directly to the cloud; in turn, the On-Premises Server will maintain constant synchronization with the cloud.

As a result, you will deliver a better user experience for your participants and creat a reliable environment for interactive moments such as live polling, which will not be affected by slow internet.

How Optional On-Premises Server Work

  • SpotMe Apps pick up the closest On-Premises Server instead of connecting to the cloud

  • Faster access and download times for SpotMe Apps

  • No dependency for SpotMe Apps on internet connectivity; overcome slow or unreliable internet

  • No dependency for SpotMe Apps on internet connectivity; overcome slow or unreliable internet

  • Reduce internet usage & cost



SpotMe Cloud

On-premises Server

SpotMe Engagement Platform Fees

What is included1 in the SpotMe Platform Subscription Fees?

  • Unlimited redundant cloud storage
  • Multi-platform app support covering a 96% user base
  • Multi-tenant architecture with sandboxing
  • Day Zero2 compatibility for iOS and Android
  • Latest product updates3
  • Flexible data hosting4 in 4 regions
  • 24/7 Participant User support helpdesk5
  • 98% cloud platform uptime6
  1. For the duration of the service term
  2. Day Zero meaning that SpotMe immediately supports new releases; full compatibility list here
  3. Most upgrades are optional
  4. Hosting location must be selected upon instance creation
  5. Email support
  6. As per SpotMe SLA

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What Our Clients Are Saying

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