The Enterprise Event Engagement Maturity Curve

How Smart Marketers Drive Meaningful Business Outcomes from Events


Climbing the Event Engagement Maturity Curve and Driving Business Outcomes

According to Forrester, marketers spend the highest proportion of their budget – an average of 12% – on events. Yet the top event goal for many marketers is getting the right people to attend at the lowest cost possible. That’s an outdated strategy – and one that limits the impact of events. No wonder over two-thirds of marketers drive only soft returns — such as higher brand advocacy and making customers feel valued — from events.

The failure of events to deliver hard returns has driven industry analysts and forward-thinking marketers to reimagine events as the catalyst for measurable and strategic business outcomes. Inspired by this shift and our nearly 30 years of industry experience, we developed a maturity model to help marketers gradually evolve their approach to events. By embracing this model, you can ultimately drive meaningful ROI – including new customer acquisition and revenue – from your events.

Download this step-by-step guide today to discover:

  • Why smart marketers are focusing on engagement instead of attendance
  • The 3 essential elements of meaningful event engagement
  • How to advance through the 4 stages of the event engagement maturity model
  • Proven ways to achieve the engagement “sweet spot”
  • Best practices to set your engagement strategy on the right path

We created a quick assessment to help you discover your engagement maturity levelFind out now.

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It's not just about looking good to your audience but about generating new leads and assisting our sales colleagues by helping them move a ‘qualified’ lead to converted over time. To that end, we built a process to determine what kind of data we wanted to capture, where we needed to send it and how to report the data.
Sancie Nakarat, Senior Director, Global Marketing Communications, Accuray
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