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AR scanner

NEW 1.0.3

Developed by SpotMe


Scan real-life objects and graphics to trigger interactive actions.


  • Image recognition technology for scanning images, photos, and real objects.
  • Image scanning that triggers the opening of app items or displays a 3D image over the scanned object.

Technical notes

  • Scanner can trigger actions based on scanning a 2D image.
  • Actions that can be triggered include:
    • Opening any in-app content (form, page, video, etc.).
    • Displaying a video on top of the real object (with support for green screen).
    • Displaying a 3D model (and optionally animate parts of it).
  • Supported 3D formats:
    • Autodesk® FBX® files, max version is 7.5 (FBX SDK 2017).
    • Wikitude 3D Format.

Other notes

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