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SpotMe helps leading companies bring innovative engagement strategies to life


With mobile-first solutions that spark new ideas, SpotMe inspires participants to foster collaboration, drive strategic alignment and supports organizations to solve meaningful business challenges through events and perpetual engagement workspaces.


Solves digital end-to-end experiences

Because one size does not fit all, we provide deep specialization for functional use cases and a broad array of extensions for last-mile functionalities, creating unique solutions for solving digital end-to-end experiences.

SPOTME Leadership
Foster engagement, alignment, and change with your business leaders
52 % increase in learning performance with interactivity
Source: American Journal of Physics
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SPOTME Healthcare
Optimize scientific exchange while driving compliance
75 % of HCPs would like to have greater input into the agenda
Source: Ashfield Meetings and Events
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SPOTME Learning
Learning experiences that bring engagement center stage
80% of organizations will leverage user-generated content as part of their corporate learning strategy by 2018
Source: Gartner
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SPOTME User Conference
Personalization leaves an impression
47 % reduced tracking cost through the use of SpotMe session tracking
Source: Goodyear
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SPOTME Automotive
Streamline learning for large-scale automotive sales trainings
33 % increase in audience engagement with mobile apps
Source: Frost and Sullivan
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SPOTME Societies
Build a community of engaged stakeholders
85 % of HCPs attend meetings to discover the latest scientific content
Source: Ashfield Meetings & Events
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Built for engagement, designed for enterprise.

More than 200 organizations and 75 Fortune 500 companies rely on SpotMe to create change with transformative events and drive perpetual engagement with employees, customers, and partners. SpotMe software is built on a mobile-first foundation and designed to shape a distraction-free experience that puts reliability first. To date, SpotMe software has served more than 5 million users worldwide.


Powers millions of users with the same cloud

With more than 270 battle-tested extensions available, SpotMe’s unmatched breadth of functionalities covers virtually any aspect of engagement for events and the digital workplace.


Leads innovation with our flexible and reliable enterprise-grade cloud

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Event App

Accelerates connections, conversations, and collaborations throughout live events

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Hybrid & Virtual Meeting App

Creates unified, seamless, and intimate experiences for your users spread across the globe

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Engagement App

Creates experiences that foster omnichannel digital workplace initiatives and customer experience programs

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Backstage CMS

Manages SpotMe apps, integrates content, streamlines logistics, monitors adoption, triggers engagement, and gathers actionable insights

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