SpotMe social and interactive capabilities recognized in Forrester Now Tech report

June 21, 2019

Events are the top budget item for marketers; however, few can demonstrate measurable ROI. The right event management software can be the key to creating memorable, engaging experiences that yield insights that hold value for marketers. A recent report from Forrester aims at providing B2B marketers with criteria to understand the value they can expect from an event management software (EMS) provider and to select one based on size and functionality.

SpotMe appears as a B2B Event Management Software vendor in Forrester’s Now Tech: B2B Event Management Software, Q2 2019, an independent report which also notes our primary functionality among enhanced attendee experience solutions in the large vendor category.

Choosing an event management software provider

SpotMe’s takeaways from the report are that there are three key elements to choosing an events technology solution that will net returns not only for each event, but for marketing and engagement as a whole.

Proving the ROI of B2B events

First, B2B marketers and other event stakeholders must align event strategy and attendee experience objectives — before investing in event technology. A comprehensive platform can, in Forrester’s words, “scale [an organization’s] ability to manage multiple engagements, collect and compare returns event by event, and analyze overall event impact.” In our view, this ability is what unlocks the ROI of B2B events.

The “battle of containers”

In order to scale, systems must be streamlined, and this points to a future where one-container apps are king. Using one platform across all events will allow departments within a company to work together more efficiently, as well as provide consistent data for a more accurate comparison of event impact and results that can generate valuable insights for future events and promotion.

Selecting a vendor based on size and functionalities

Second, Forrester recommends that B2B marketers and other event stakeholders select a vendor with capabilities that match up to the organization’s stated needs and goals. Size and stability are important in the field, as many small- and mid-size players cannot meet the stringent information security and data privacy requirements of enterprise customers. As a large vendor, SpotMe has the capability to handle information security, privacy, and IT integration in adherence to a standard that Fortune 500 companies can trust.

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Providing enhanced experiences for event participants

The SpotMe platform capabilities work together to create an exceptional participant experience that will generate meaningful interactions and data, without the hassle of deploying physical touchpoints. Through our live feed, users can engage with real-time updates and content to further enrich their event experience. Our Marketplace offers over 50 application modules including augmented reality, moderated Q&A, activity challenges, and more. Event planners and stakeholders can select apps to build digital experiences that align with their goals for the event, then easily manage those experiences through our content management system (CMS).

Make events a cornerstone of your engagement strategy

Third, we believe that the ideal solution will go “beyond badge scans,” in Forrester’s words, to delivering an exceptional event experience that is personalized to participants’ preferences and objectives, while gathering data that marketing leaders can use to extend the impact of events. We are constantly working to ensure that the SpotMe platform provides the functionality to make events the centerpiece of a company’s customer engagement strategy. Creating enhanced participant experiences and collecting the resultant data, SpotMe can enable companies to extract measurable ROI, turning events from a budget drain to a marketing and engagement engine.

Connecting events to your greater story

SpotMe believes that events should be connected to a company’s greater story. Keeping an event outside, or even just adjacent to, the larger brand narrative rarely achieves a worthwhile result. With SpotMe, events are planned and executed as chapters in the larger brand story, allowing event stakeholders to realize and prove ROI, create experiences that build sustained relationships with customers, and generate meaningful insights that have the power to drive company-wide engagement and transformation.

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