SpotMe earns top ranking in Momentum from G2

SpotMe earns top ranking in Momentum from G2

Business software choices can make the difference between achieving company goals and stalling operations, and selecting the right solution has never been easy. G2 aims to change that, by providing validated technology user reviews that can help business owners and procurement officers leverage the crowd to make the right decisions about their business software.

SpotMe emerges as a leader in key event technology categories

G2 places SpotMe in the large vendor category, as did the recent Forrester Now Tech report. We are ranked as a leader in enterprise mobile apps, and in mobile event apps. But the area that truly stood out for us is momentum. SpotMe is #1 in momentum. As our industry undergoes consolidation, we are emerging as a key player with trending growth. We continue to focus on innovation to create exceptional customer experiences.

What does this mean for SpotMe and our customers?

Events are expensive, and measuring their effectiveness is a challenge. An effective event is aligned with company goals, providing an enhanced participant experience and collecting valuable data that can inform future events and promotions. It can be the centerpiece of a dynamic engagement strategy that yields engagement and information long after the event concludes.

Event apps can make or break this process. If event apps don’t innovate (which often occurs in an industry that is experiencing extensive consolidation) customers are stuck with aging technology — platforms that refuse to integrate, apps that don’t excite or engage their users. This limits marketing leaders’ ability to get what they need out of events.
SpotMe, on the other hand, offers an enhanced attendee experience. And we are always innovating, so our app can provide more — more routes to interact with participants, more integrations for ease of use, more activities to support community and engagement for employees. Underpinning these capabilities is our strong analytics, which helps event stakeholders realize a solid return on investment.

If your event app does more, you can get more out of your events, connecting them to your company’s greater story. That is the ROI we will continue to pursue for our customers, as we gain momentum as a key player in the event technology industry.

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