New SpotMe Analytics Suite Puts the Spotlight on the User Mobile Journey

CHICAGO, IL  – SpotMe announces the launch of its Navigation Behavior solution to their analytics suite; the only mobile event platform to give data analytics on the participant event journey. This aggregated component will give the proper logic and intelligence for organizers to create and customize strategic events quickly and efficiently.

“We wanted to go beyond the vanity metrics and avoid the inevitable data smörgåsbord.” says Pierre Metrailler, CEO at SpotMe. “An event is an experience, a journey and a story. Our engagement platform, augmented by our unique behavioral analytics capabilities will now be propelling a genuine event dramaturgy with actionable insights.”

With 16 years of experience in the event technology space, SpotMe understands the challenges organizers face when trying to find the right data and properly applying business intelligence to optimize their event and app design. In order to calibrate its go-to-market approach for this launch, SpotMe has partnered with Ashfield Meetings & Events, an international event management organization that delivers over 2,000 events yearly, which have been key influencers to the development of the Navigation Behavior solution.

“At Ashfield Meetings & Events we have been identifying and elevating technology that will be critical to support gathering data, insights and understanding to enhance the effectiveness of the events we deliver.” says Andrew Moore, Client Partnership Director at Ashfield. “We already have a preferred technology partnership with SpotMe and have worked alongside them to provide key insights on how better business intelligence and more sophisticated ways to leverage live event navigation data can enrich future event strategies and deepen engagement.”

The Navigation Behavior analytics solution will help organizations understand participants most navigated path, identify bottlenecks and drop-off points for better access to key messages and apply logical feature combinations for efficient content delivery. This data will give event organizers advanced profiling and monitoring capabilities to improve the mobile app experience.

“We are piloting the resulting behavioral navigation functionality with SpotMe across a number of events in January and believe it will be a step change in using analytics to create more effective marketing communication activity for our clients” says Mr. Moore.

Whether it is your organization’s National Sales Meeting, Senior Leadership meeting, Annual Congress or User Conference; starting January 30, clients will be given the tools to truly interpret the investment made in an event and create successful strategies by optimizing content. The Navigation Behavior solution combined with its all-in-one robust analytics suite will change the way meeting success is quantified.

Listen to Metrailler and Moore talk about SpotMe and Ashfield Meetings and Event’s partnership

About Ashfield Meetings & Events

Ashfield Meetings & Events is a full service global event management company specializing in serving the healthcare sector. We have over 35 years’ experience of delivering meetings and events and over 300 employees located in offices across Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Although we are an international company with a global reach we deliver a seamless local service. In 2015 we managed more than 2,000 meetings and events in 54 countries, looking after over 138,000 delegates. We deliver certainty and impact. Certainty, in that we deliver exemplary logistics and take care of all the meeting planning detail. Impact, in that we provide audience engagement, creative and production strategies to ensure our clients meet their business objectives and achieve a return on their investment. For more information about Ashfield Meetings & Events, go to

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