How to Personalize a 365° Interactive Society App

At SpotMe, we believe no app should ever be the same! And personalization is the key to making the user experience unique. Bringing engagement to the next level, SpotMe has created the Society App: a flexible 365 multi-event platform that personalizes the communication strategies between organization and their members or app users to keep them informed, engaged and connected year round!

How does one personalize a society app? Simply create a communication strategy that follows these five unique functionalities.

#1 Make Your App Interactive

Engage your users with features like Q&A, quizzes, surveys, activity feeds, private chats, polling and more to empower participant conversation, learning and sharing.

#2 Target Your Messages

People do not like to get spammed with unwanted emails and an app should be no different. Hence, make content relevant on a per-user basis. Using your members’ information, such as field of expertise, speciality, location, and membership type can allow you to target messages to specific interest groups.

#3 Target Your Content

Content is King, but everyone hates content overload! Take advantage of your user profile settings and share relevant content. Unique profile preferences can include anything from topics of interest to the number of times a user wants to be contacted. By tailoring content sharing from your user’s preferences, it will only improve the way your content is being absorbed and reduce the overload.

#4 Personalized Home Screens

Allow participants to customize what appears on their app home screen through selecting personal preferences and fields of interest, using the in-app user profile.

#5 Make It Easy to Manage

You’ve read tips 1-4 and are probably thinking: “This is great! But it is going to take an expert to manage it all!” Don’t worry. SpotMe’s ever-flexible and comprehensive Content Management System, Backstage, is available on-demand for self-managing the content in your Society App. We have the best team of experts that provides proactive support and consulting year round, app implementation and best practices.

Setting the right goals, targets and content in your communication strategies is vital in developing a unique, personalized and interactive app year round. Having a Society App for you and your members can go a long way.

Benefits to Your Organization
  • Leverage news and content in one place
  • Engaging members with interactive solutions
  • Improve communication efficiency and effectiveness
  • Reduce time and cost with other communication platforms
  • More visibility and awareness of documents, news, and events
  • Analytics to prove return on investment
  • Ease of access and managing segmented content
  • Customizing communication and key messages to members
Benefits for Your Members
  • Ease of access to your organization events
  • Ease of access to research papers and documents
  • All in one platform
  • Receiving relevant content

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