New Budget Block capability makes SpotMe Forms module more powerful than ever

New Budget Block capability makes SpotMe Forms module more powerful than ever

SpotMe today announces an enhancement to our Forms module called Budget Block. This new capability allows organizers to constrain the budget, time, or points available to participants completing a Form.

Engaging employees or partners around key questions only moves a business forward if the respondents offer thoughtful answers, not if they breeze through a feedback form by giving everything 4 out of 5 stars.

Strategic constraints inspire creativity. By setting limits using Budget Block, the Form organizer forces participants to think critically and prioritize as they answer questions, resulting in data that is more specific and more actionable.

Get some inspiration from the following Budget Block thought-starters, which demonstrate how organizers can use this new capability within the SpotMe Forms module.

Budget block concept 1:

Exploring scenarios at thought leadership forums

As its name would suggest, the Budget Block capability is a great fit for financial services firms looking to engage their employees or event participants around questions of resource allocation and financial strategies.

An organizer could use Budget Block to create a quiz or brainstorm within Forms that tests participants’ knowledge of fiduciary responsibility.
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In this example, the Form gives participants a set amount of money and asks them to develop and demonstrate a plan for how to use it wisely. Thus, the Budget Block capability turns what could be an open-ended question into an interactive strategic exercise, in which the app guides participants as they allocate limited resources across categories using sliders, checkboxes, and drop-downs.


Budget block concept 2:

Prioritizing feedback at a sales training event

In addition to restricting resources like theoretical money, the Budget Block capability can also enhance the way Forms are used for rating proposals or teams following a presentation.

Sales training events often involve pitches and presentations. For the clients or judges who are responsible for assessing the trainee pitches, it can be tempting to give most presentations an average score without much thought. But with the Budget Block capability, judges would only be given a certain number of points or stars to allocate across all teams, forcing them to think more critically about who deserves points and who does not.

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In this example, the sales trainees receive far more thoughtful feedback than they would otherwise, thanks to the Budget Block capability.

Budget block concept 3:

Setting realistic next steps during a management meeting

During most management meetings, participants must set expectations around how to implement new undertakings, changes, and ideas. With the Budget Block capability, the Forms module becomes a far more effective tool for planning and prioritizing executive commitments.

For example, by constraining the number of hours available, Budget Block helps to ground allocation exercises in reality. As such, the executive can thoughtfully plan how to work things like learning & development and mentoring into his or her schedule.

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Budget block is available immediately to all customers with Forms v1.12.0 or newer. If you’re interested in using Forms and other SpotMe capabilities, contact us.




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