2021’s Lead Generation Ideas B2B Marketing Teams Can’t Live Without

March 9, 2021

Leads aren’t just random visitors to your site. They’re potential clients already in your orbit. By extending your reach through B2B lead generation, you’ll connect with them and draw them in.

For example, this article is a lead generation content idea. It fits into an SEO strategy, hopefully ticks the boxes for being thorough and useful, and it may be the last thing someone reads before they say, “It’s time to start using SpotMe.”

Increasing B2B sales means relying on robust lead generation ideas and a supporting framework that aligns marketing and sales teams for greater success.

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how to do b2b lead generation

Top 15 Lead Generation Ideas for B2B Marketing Teams

While everyone is looking for a magic bullet that will automatically generate and increase B2B leads, the (unfortunate) fact of the matter is there’s no such thing as magic.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t take proven steps to fill your pipeline with quality leads. We’ll look at 15 B2B lead generation ideas to help your marketing team get started and on their way to collecting killer conversions.

Idea #1) White Papers With Industry Leading Research and Trends

By providing real value to prospective clients through white papers that include industry-leading trends and research, you’ll position your brand as a trustworthy source for reliable information.

Asking prospective clients to provide their email address and other valuable information in exchange for high-quality information is a popular B2B lead generation method, but is only successful if the quality of the content they are receiving is evident.  

Idea #2) Get People Using Your Product for Free, Monetize Them Later

Offering free basic accounts with your product or service or limited trials can be a powerful B2B lead generation tool. Putting your brand in a potential customer’s hands is arguably the easiest way for you to demonstrate the real-world value of what you offer.

Monetize later through premium features or paid upgrades from free versions.

Idea #3) Make Your Customer’s Life Easy by Building Templates, RFTPs, and Pre-Formatted Spreadsheets

Making the life of a potential customer easier in some way isn’t just a good lead generation idea, it’s the tried and true way to spark interest.

If you can reduce or eliminate a pain point through pre-built templates, RFTPs, or pre-formatted spreadsheets that they can use in their day-to-day, it will keep your brand on their mind in a positive way, and you may be rewarded for your efforts with a quality lead. Consider offering this in combination with free trials or samples of your product.

Idea #4) Create a Webinar Series in Which You Offer Solutions to an Industry Problem (Preferably Using Your Product/Service)

Webinars are a great lead generation idea enabling to talk directly to your ideal audience and begin nurturing deeper relationships.

Address current industry pain points, using your brand as a tool for streamlining or otherwise eliminating the issue. Look for webinar providers and virtual event platforms that allow for 1:1 customer interaction, chat, and other audience engagement tools for maximum effect.

With SpotMe’s digital experience, hosts can deliver an immersive, branded opportunity for viewers where they can interact and connect with a brand or organization on another level through gamification, chats and polls.

Idea #5) Develop Case Studies and Share Via Virtual Events or Comprehensive Written Content

Case studies that demonstrate how your brand can save money, increase efficiency, or reduce workload are another popular B2B lead generation tool.

When presented through a virtual event, get your case study results directly in front of the people who will stand to gain the most value from them.  

Idea #6) Leverage Trust By Showcasing Your Highest Profile Customers and Their Positive Reviews of Your Service (if Allowed)

If you have high-profile or other noteworthy customers, don’t be shy. By demonstrating that a prominent client has faith in your brand and positive things to say, you organically build trust in other potential customers’ minds. I’m sure all of us can recall a time where we relied on the reviews of others before purchasing or signing up for something.

Ask notable clients if they would be willing to provide a testimonial or third-party review, then post to your website, use it on marketing collateral, and include it in events to enhance your B2B lead generation efforts.

Idea #7) Leverage Your Own Company as a Model for Success and Experimentation That Other Business Owners Can See First-Hand

Don’t be afraid to turn the spotlight on yourself and show other organizations what you did to achieve your success as a B2B lead generation tactic. Using yourself as a business model and allowing others to benefit from your learned experiences — and mistakes — builds trust and attracts leads.

How to generate b2b leads with virtual events

Idea #8) Host Your Very Own Virtual or Hybrid Conference With Leading Experts Your Clients and Partners Will Enjoy

Virtual or hybrid events are a chance to deliver valuable information and other resources to audiences through presentations or conversations with experts that your clients or partners would otherwise be unable to access.

Audiences will also create a positive association between your brand, the participating industry leaders and the industry itself. 

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Idea #9) Develop Visual Image Content That’s Highly Shareable Such as Infographics, Checklists, and Professional Quotes

Highly shareable content is a great way to expand your audience, build your brand, and boost your position as a reliable source of information.

Every time someone sees the visual, and the value, they will also see your brand. Informative infographics, checklists, professional quotes and the occasional meme are just some of the value-add elements you can include.

Idea #10) Create a Course Taught by an Expert

If you’re an industry expert, consider teaching a course about an important issue or element in your sector. If you aren’t an expert, don’t despair. Sponsoring an expert to teach a course can be an equally effective B2B lead generation method.

Idea #11) Create Giveaway and Social Share Contests That Encourage New and Returning Customers to Market for You

Giveaways and social share contests are engaging and effective lead generation ideas that benefit from current customer testimonials.

When existing and returning customers share your contest on social media, they’re saying they like your brand. Those endorsements can go a long way when it comes to attracting quality leads. 

Potential or current customers also do the lead generation work for you when they are required to tag or share the contest as part of the entry process.

Idea #12) Include CTAs on All of Your Content

Sometimes the simplest way to get what you want is to ask for it. If you want email addresses, ask visitors to your site to consider signing up for your monthly newsletter, to be alerted anytime you post new content, or for a free trial. 

Idea #13) Send Cold Emails and Then Follow Up, a Lot

Cold emails can be effective if you’re prepared to follow up. Seems obvious, right? But you’d be surprised to learn not everyone does this well.

Most organizations follow up once or twice, but Woodpecker found cold emails needed twice the follow up – and generated 3x the reply rate. 

Idea #14) Don’t Reinvent the Wheel, Repurpose It.

Creating new content is great, but don’t forget about existing content. Refreshed and repurposed content can be a great way to attract new leads. Analyze what content has been most successful in attracting leads, and find ways to plug it in and distribute it across other channels.

Idea #15) If You’ve Got the Money, PPC Brings the Leads

If you know your target audience and your budget allows for it, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can generate quality leads in next to no time.

Be sure only to target your ideal customer’s locations, whether those are digital or physical. If you don’t put in the work to set specific targets, you may find yourself wasting money with little return.

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