Dark mode for online events

Introducing dark mode for SpotMe's online event platform

We’re excited to broaden SpotMe’s virtual event experience with something that will give your events a whole new feel — dark mode.


Dark mode for SpotMe’s virtual event platform offers a fresh perspective on a familiar experience. Just as we enjoyed attending presentations in dimmed auditoriums, dark mode now brings that theatrical experience online.

When designing the dark mode, we focused on three important points:

  1. Readability: colors have to minimize eye fatigue during prolonged use.
  2. Pockets of light: enough light has to come through to highlight your brand colors.
  3. Visual hierarchy: each element of the page needs to be distinct, while still maintaining their relationships.

These focus points ensure that dark mode isn’t just about novelty. It makes it more comfortable for your audience to stay focused, by reducing eye strain and making your content stand out.

Screenshot of a live stream from C2 Montreal conference and SpotMe
Live stream during C2 Montréal keynote in dark mode

The dark mode is especially great for watching live videos, by immersing participants into the experience.

“Having our virtual event platform mirror our physical event’s look and feel was crucial for our experience design team. The dark mode helped us do exactly that by creating an immersive online environment for our participants.”

— Julia Cyboran, VP Marketing&Audience from C2 International

Switch off the lights

Dark mode is now available to all SpotMe customers. It’s easy to turn on by flipping a switch in the theme settings of your workspace.

Not familiar with the SpotMe platform yet? Check out our virtual event platform guide to see how we can help you with your events.

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