A New Live Event Streaming Experience

New Live Event Streaming Experience

Introducing our new live event streaming experience, including an improved audience experience, easier event management changes, and making it possible to view the live stream from anywhere.

As part of our continuing commitment to help companies and brands make a successful pivot to digital and virtual events we’re continuing to optimize our streaming capabilities for live sessions, with a focus on making the experience more comfortable and interactive for the audience.

Screenshot of a live stream with session details


The live stream player is now featured at the top of the agenda. It will minimize when users navigate around the app and can be moved to the side of the screen to continue viewing. Plus, on the session page, more information is now available for the live track sessions and speakers.

Other changes to our live event streaming experience:

#1 Create live streams in no time

We’ve changed how you create live streams in Backstage. You can now do this directly in your sessions, in just a few clicks.

#2 Get your event sessions back on track

Have your sessions overrun? Not to worry, use the new time shift option in Backstage to easily adjust the start and end times of your sessions.

Pro tip: Have users joining in from all corners of the globe? You can now display session times and other time-based information in the user’s own timezone.

virtual event timezone

#3 Make bulk event management changes

Use the new bulk editing option to make mass changes to users, sessions or even speakers, and easily duplicate existing polls and forms to save time.

#4 Reach your audience anywhere

The latest versions of our iOS and Android apps now support M3U8 playlists, allowing your audience to watch live streams on their phones on the go.

#5 Live comes first in the agenda

The app now scrolls directly to the live session when opening the agenda, and we’ve added more filtering options to help your users find exactly what they need.

Want to see what it looks like for yourself? Try it now, by logging in to our online demo.

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