SpotMe Cloud

Reliable, flexible and enterprise-grade cloud technology

Built for engagement, designed for enterprise.

The SpotMe Cloud is the heart of the SpotMe Enterprise Engagement Platform. With its multi-tenant architecture, all customers are accessing the same core platform; each customer can then augment every single workspace with additional application modules that can be deployed on-the-fly. With more than 270 application modules, the core platform offers an unmatched breadth of functionalities.

Customers can extend existing modules or innovate with new ones; the SpotMe Enterprise Engagement Platform offers a comprehensive development application programming interface (API), complete with data models, metadata definition, backend business logic, UI components and client-side controllers.

Data storage is segregated for each customer, distributed across several regions and can scale fast.

Enterprise Deployment

Mobile Device Management/Mobile Application Management (MDM/MAM)

  • Enable containerization, encryption, remote wipe, and data leak prevention
  • Publish directly to enterprise storefronts, support remote app push
  • Only event app provider certified by both MobileIron and Citrix Works
MDM / MAM Vendors

Single Sign-On (SSO)

  • Reduce inevitable password fatigue
  • Easy integration with other enterprise systems and provides a single source of truth (SSOT) for authentication
  • SpotMe offers flexible login screen configurations, including flexible hybrid settings
SSON Vendors

SAML 2.0

OAuth 20.0

Third-Party Login

Used by

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Integrated Trust Concept

End-to-end information security and data privacy design that covers the entire business lifecycle

The SpotMe Cloud offers a variety of authentication workflows, including email login, email & password login, public registration, public login, SSO and third-party login. You can add an additional layer of security by enabling PIN code and biometric session authentication.

Technology & Organizational Measures

  • Organization & management

    Dedicated cloud operations team

  • System operations & monitoring

    Comprehensive system operations and monitoring

  • Risk management

    Independent 3rd party security audits & penetration testing

  • Security training

    Annual security awareness training for SpotMe staff

  • Availability

    Business continuity & disaster recovery plans tested every month

Privacy and certifications

On-Premises Server

Scalability and Reliability.

The power of the SpotMe Cloud can be extended to your on-site operations. By adding On-Premises Server to your event, yourwill be suppressing the dependency on a strong internet backhaul. Thousands of SpotMe Apps will be connecting to your On-Premises Server that is located inside the event venue, instead of connecting directly to the cloud; in turn, the On-Premises Server will maintain constant synchronization with the cloud.

As a result, you will deliver a better user experience for your participants and creat a reliable environment for interactive moments such as live polling, which will not be affected by slow internet.

How On-Premises Server Work

  • SpotMe Apps pick up the closest On-Premises Server instead of connecting to the cloud

  • Faster access and download times for SpotMe Apps

  • No dependency for SpotMe Apps on internet connectivity; overcome slow or unreliable internet

  • Reduce internet usage & cost

SpotMe Engagement Platform Fees

What is included1 in the SpotMe Platform Subscription Fees?

  • Unlimited redundant cloud storage
  • Multi-platform app support covering a 96% user base
  • Multi-tenant architecture with sandboxing
  • Day Zero2 compatibility for iOS and Android
  • Latest product updates3
  • Flexible data hosting4 in 4 regions
  • 24/7 Participant User support helpdesk5
  • 98% cloud platform uptime6
  • 1 For the duration of the service term
  • 2 Day Zero meaning that SpotMe immediately supports new releases; full compatibility list on
  • 3 Most upgrades are optional
  • 4 Hosting location must be selected upon instance creation
  • 5 Email support
  • 6 As per SpotMe SLA
  • Updated July 24, 2017

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