Optimize scientific exchange while driving compliance

75 %

of HCPs would like to have greater input into the agenda

Source: The Science of Meetings by Ashfield Meetings and Events

Standalone Meetings

Medical education events and advisory boards

Enable open and authentic dialogues on scientific data in a commercial-free environment by using audience panel discussions and moderated Q&A sessions. Stay in control and steer conversations toward desired outcomes.

Explore Advanced Tactics
60 %

completion rate of profiles and evaluations for a 45-minute satellite

Source: SpotMe analytics data

Satellite Symposia

Industry sessions during medical congresses and annual meetings

Differentiate your sessions with an innovative, technology-driven approach, making you stand out from competition. Identify and quantify attendance with in-app profile completion and feedback forms. Create a call to action amongst your HCPs with annotated, downloadable content slides that can be accessed after the session.

Review Satellite Offering
76 %

of HCPs want to meet with global and local experts or KOLs as their primary event objective

Source: The Science of Meetings by Ashfield Meetings and Events

Virtual & Hybrid Meetings

Town hall events and virtual expert forums

Increase adoption rate and participation from all connected hubs by bringing together your remote audience under a single app. Create a unified experience that erases the physical distance of virtual meetings by offering captivating opportunities to interact. Enhance your webcasting or streaming infrastructure by integrating your existing vendor with the SpotMe Engagement Platform.

Discover Virtual Capabilities
32 %

of drugs have a probability of making it to Phase 3 trials

Source: clinicalleader.com

Clinical Communication & Collaboration

Investigator engagement platforms and communication networks for HCPs

Extend the outreach of your investigator meetings. Create long-term engagement with your investigators and clinical research staff for the duration of your study with on-the-job scoring, assessments and planning modules. Boost patient recruitment targets and protocol compliance. Keep sites informed, on track and accountable with your trial milestones.

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